Welcome to the gengui Framework

Gengui is a UI framework for Java, following a so-called Naked Objects architecture approach. While most UI frameworks are based on the MVC pattern, gengui and Naked Objects are different. And the reason to learn this different approach is simple: dramatic simplification!

This introduction gives you a brief overview about how to create individual UIs with gengui in probably the easiest and fastest way you have ever seen. All examples are part of the gengui distribution to play around with them while reading. However, the document contains a lot of screen shots and simple code snippets, so the impatient reader may as well get a first impression within 15 minutes.

The chapter Getting started explains the basics with a kind of Hello-World example, which is evolved step by step. It will take about one hour to work through all the addressed aspects an a hands-on way.

The chapter How far can you go? discusses the chances and limitations of the Naked Objects approach, based on a simple to-do list application. The application as taken from the TodoMVC web site and therefore is a perfect example to compare Naked Objects with the MVC pattern.

Have fun!

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